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You can access sport facilities, organizations and events with ease from this application.
This application is a part of project called "Promoting the Direct Engagement of Refugees and Host Commiunities by Implementing Innovative Networking Approach in the Field of Sport" that is supported by EU Erasmus+ program.
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Ski Training

The ski courses planned for the first stage of SportInclusive Project were finished. The exciting event which over than 40 young refugees, migrants and foreigners were attended was held by instructors from Forsail Ski Club in Górce Szczęśliwickiej Ski Park.

Active Women

Mixed sport courses were held for young girls and adult women. With the aim of increasing the intergration of refugees with local community, we have organized a mixture of Pilates, Yoga and Fitness diciplines. 15 women from the target group and volunteers joined these courses. With the amazing effort of our trainer, they had very efficient and funny times. While learning about the rules and techniques, they also realized the physical, mental and spiritual positive effects of this kind of sports. The course has opened a new door to the women to look in a different aspect to the sports.

Families on the Pats

One of the last summer days of Poland, we were on the paths. Poland has various trekking and hiking routes for all ages. We organized a daily trekking tour for families to support the environmental face of sport. More over 40 participants, we gathered in the morning and started to discover the nature on foot. Families spent their Sunday all together and had opportunity to know each other more. Sport is a very strong tool to make life nicer.

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Ski Course 
Young people meet with different kinds of sports. They learn how to ski and practice it.
In February, ski course for young refugees and local people were organized. They had 10 lessons with an instuctor from Forsail Ski Club, in Górka Szczęśliwicka and learned to ski. For most of them it was the first time they trying skiing
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A trekking organization for families. They spend a day in nature.
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Sport Festival 
A festival full of sports, outdoor games and adventure activities.
  • The project hosted a sports festival that provided broad participation of local people and refugees. Sports festival included many fun activities.
  • Basketball training and free throw contest,
  • Football penalty kick contest,
  • Outdoor activities; Zipline, giant swing and climbing wall,
  • Badminton training and ball passing activity through the rings with badminton,
  • Archery activity,
  • Team building events,
  • Physical activities with music,
  • Table tennis training and eleven point matches
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Mix Sport Courses 
For female refugees, foreigners and young girls, we have organized mixed sport courses including yoga, pilates and fitness. Our target group prefers individual sports instead of team and hall sports. Because of this reason the courses selected according to their needs. After learning basic movements, they would be able to continue their sport life at their home.
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Volleyball tournaments for adult men. They train themselves by playing as a team.

A 10-week volleyball match organization was carried out with participating especially for men and young boys. Each match was accompanied by a trainer and refugees played volleyball with local people.
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Sport Facilities 
The most attractive and famous sport facility of Warsaw , PGE Narodowy, was visited with children and youngs. The purpose of this trip was to learn more about the sport facilities and to feel the atmosphere. The amazing PGE Stadium reflected the ambiance very well. Thanks to funny and different tour plan, we spent great time.